Top 10 Best Stress Management Exercises

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Why take a doctor appointment or therapy session when you can release your stress by practicing these top 10 best stress management exercises. Practice the stress management exercises on regular basis to relieve stress and live freely again.

There are a lot of stress management exercises that are as effective as doctor treatment or therapy sessions. Even the majority of the exercises are recommended by the specialists as the best stress management exercises.

Here we have the top 10 best stress management exercises which will give you way better results than you think. These stress management exercises will have a great impact to ease stress and anxiety. We need to practice these stress management exercises so that we can manage the negative impact of stress on our bodies.

Top 10 Best Stress Management Exercises

The top 10 stress management exercises will help you to ease stress and anxiety. These exercises are designed in a way to work only if you practice them on daily basis. These stress management exercises will definitely take some time but the time will be worth practicing them.

Some of these below-mentioned exercises can also be practiced indoor to release stress at home.

1. Boxing

Why Boxing is one of the top 10 best stress management exercises: First of all boxing is nowadays becoming popular not just as an exercise but also as a stress releaser.

This exercise releases a lot of sweat and as we all know sweat is good for four health and as well as for our mental health. It may not be the first thing you want to try when you are stressed, but if you do it in a positive way it can really release your stress.

Mostly when we are stressed we look for something to get our anger out of our bodies. Boxing can be the one that can help you to do that, without hurting anyone.

2. Jogging/ Running

Why jogging/ Running are in the top 10 best stress management exercises: As long you can and as far you can run or jog whatever you like when you are under stress.

Running and jogging are among those exercises when performed release the feel-good hormone in our body. That hormone helps you calm down your temper or stress and anxiety.

Running also pumps more blood to your brain hence improve your mental health too as well as your physical health.

3. Swimming

Why Swimming is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: Do you remember the strokes you perform while swimming? let me remind you once again.

When you perform these strokes it involves rhythmic breathing that helps your body relax and release stress from your body. Mainly breathing in the rhythmic patterns makes your body relax and releases endorphins which reduce stress hormones.

4. Dancing

Why Dancing is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: When we feel good we dance, but when we feel stressed should we also dance?

Yes, if you like to dance then there are fewer chances of you getting stressed. Dance is an art that pumps a feeling of joy and happiness in your body, which can be seen by your face also. Nobody will lever dance with a sad face or an unhappy face.

It seems way difficult to change your mood suddenly but if you make a habit of dancing whenever you feel stressed, then it will work. Dancing will distract your mind and puts your body into the function at the same time, which makes your stress hormones weak.

5. Singing

Why Singing is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: Singing does release stress from your body because it works on your mental health more than your physical health.

The majority of people are suffering from mental stress. Mentally people are becoming stressed because of their jobs, relationships, bills, and expectations.

Singing is really a stress relaxer, a study was done in 2017 that measured the amount of cortisol(the stress hormone) in participant’s saliva before and after they sang. Researchers in that study found that the amount of cortisol was lower after singing, an indication that people felt more relaxed after singing.

So, whenever you feel stressed or anxious just remember to sing for a while, be yourself and enjoy what you’re singing. It will help you to calm your brain and release stress from your body.

6. Brisk Walking

Why Brisk Walking is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: This exercise ensures the hearts beat faster to your brain and body to remove stress hormones.

A brisk walk is a fast walk that is faster than your normal walking pace. you can also assume it as a middle way between running and walking, it is also a very popular exercise.

This is one of the easiest stress management exercises which pumps your heart faster and works best for your lungs also.

Whenever you feel stressed just take a brisk walk for a while till you get some sweat and your heartbeats get faster. Doing this will definitely distract your brain and stressful thoughts, helping you to calm down easily.

7. Workout

Why Workout is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: One of the best ways to shape your stress or anger and get the best out of it.

Working out is really helpful to reduce your anger as well as your stress. It could be any type like Aerobic, Strength, or Endurance. Just keep this thing in mind that whenever you are stressed don’t put a lot of weight, use normal or lighter weight.

8. Deep Breathing (diaphragm breathing)

Why Deep Breathing is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds and then exhale, This is the most common stress management exercise and also the best quick stress burner.

If you are outside somewhere else where you cannot practice other exercises, you can always try this one without any second thought. Deep breathing does not require any space or any equipment either.

You can also do this, either way, standing or sitting, as you like it.  Whenever you feel stressed go to a spot where you are comfortable and for few minutes inhale and exhale deeply.

This deep breathing exercise while help you lower your blood pressure and decreases the chances of anxiety attacks. You can try this whenever you are free or as a morning exercise too.

9. Acupressure Exercise

Why acupressure is the best stress management exercise: Applying pressure to acupuncture points transfers energy in the channels and communicates with the nervous system to release feel-good chemicals.

Some of the acupressure points in our body can help us release muscle tension and increases blood circulation. It is known as one of the best stress management exercises because it works faster than other methods.

10. Yoga

Why Yoga is in the top 10 best stress management exercises: No doubt that yoga can surely cure diseases so can it release stress too?

There are a lot of stress management exercises or you can say asana in yoga which help you release stress easily and effortlessly. Some of the asanas you can try are:

  1. Balasana (Child’s Pose)
  2. Sukhasana (Easy Pose)
  3. Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend)
  4. Ananda Balasana (Happy baby pose)
  5. Uttanasana (Standing forward bend)

If you want to know more about these yoga asanas in detail then you can follow this article. It will give you a complete guide from basic to advance, how you can deal with stress with these exercises.

If you practice these yoga stress management exercises daily then you will surely see results within weeks.

Final Words From Globalmantras

Dealing with stress is not easy but fit is not that difficult too when you have the top 10 best stress management exercises to help you with. Find out which exercises work best for you and follow them daily to make it your routine. The list is more than enough if you follow these stress management exercises correctly then you don’t need any other recommendations from anyone to release your stress or anxiety.

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