7 Best Ways to Take a Calculated Risk in Your 20s

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At every turn of our life, there are two choices in front of us, either we take a blind risk or take a calculated risk. What’s your choice?

You have heard people saying that if I was given a chance at that time then I also have become successful or wealthy. The reason Some people say this is that they were afraid to take risks during their 20s and 30s.

If you want to rise faster you have to grab opportunities during your teenage, and you have to take risks especially in your 20s and 30s.

Definitely, you will make many mistakes, but it will give you the experience to succeed. The age period between the 20s is the most crucial period for anyone to make a bright future.

But most of the youth are not utilizing their time and efforts in the right direction. Basically, in the 20s what does a student do?

Hang out, play video games, sometimes study, travel, and parties. This is the time when most of the youth waste their time.

What is calculated risk?

Ask yourself this firstly, that what is calculated risk?

Is it like playing save or playing without fear?

Most of the youth don’t take risks, they just study enough to get good marks. No matter if they had learned something or not. they just care about marks and marks.

The problem is they don’t even want to take a risk to learn or experience something new out of their books.

One thing is clear during the age between 20 and 30 years that if you somehow suffer any loss, you have your parent’s support.

You will not lose much, instead, you will experience something new. There are many methods you can use to take a calculated risk in your 20s and pursue your passion and change your life.

Let’s find out what is blind risk and calculated risk and what is the difference between them.

What is blind risk vs calculated risk?

blind risk in your 20s
Blind risk
  1. Blind risk is like walking on the road blindfolded.
  2. If you take a blind risk then you don’t know what will be the consequences of your action.
  3. You will always have 50-50 chances of winning and losing.
  4. You cannot control the situation if you don’t know what to do and how to do it. If you know what you will lose and what you can achieve is simply the calculated risk.
take calculated risk in your 20s
Calculated risk
  1. You just have to analyze your money or time which you are investing in it properly.
  2. You will always have a rough estimate of the calculated risk you are taking.
  3. There are always positive 70-30 chances of winning and losing.

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How to take risks in your 20s

The 20s is the perfect age to take risks and build a career, especially when you have the time to learn from your mistakes. Learn as much as you can in your 20s to and don’t be afraid to risk.

If you are lucky then only take risks in life, this is what people think nowadays. If you take a calculated risk in your 20s then you can change your life and fulfill your dreams.

But for that, you have to be a risk-taker, a risk-taker is a person who analysis the loss he could face.

Here are some really helpful tips which you can implement and learn from them how you can take risks in life.


This is the perfect time to take a calculated risk in your 20s because you don’t have responsibilities in your head.

You can bootstrap if you don’t want to borrow money from anyone else. After all your parents will help you to start something new for you.

What will happen at most? You will lose the money, your parents are there for you to pay the bill but at least you should try it.

Let me remind you, till now you are dependent on them financially but if your plan works then you don’t have to and if it doesn’t work you don’t even have to pay for the loss. This could only be possible if you take a calculated risk in your 20s for your career and future.

Follow your passion

Taking a calculated risk will only matter when you are doing something of your interest. If you are not interested in what you are doing then, how can you be going to give your best in it?

Students nowadays are just wasting their time on things which are not important from their career point of view. To be successful you have to follow your passion and must take a calculated risk.

It’s a fact that if you do what you like you give your 100% in it rather than doing the thing you dislike. Find your passion and start following it until you become successful.

Explore yourself if you haven’t found your passion yet.

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Analyze the system

If you are willing to take a calculated risk for your startup or anything else, then you have to analyze the system.

You must analyze before you start anything, does someone else had taken this risk before or not, how much time it will take, and much more.

Analyzing will take some time, but it is the key to learn the system or pattern. Analyze the money and time you have to invest and what will be the outcome.

In simple language analyzing gives you the advantage to play it safe, because you know what to do next. You should always have a plan ready if you somehow failed.

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Do you have a career in what you are doing?

When you take a risk you only think about the future in the same way, you should always know what will be your future in what you are doing. Analyze your future or scope in what you are doing.

People usually take calculated risks because they know how to analyze the risk and the chances of failure. If there are more chances of failure than success then it’s a blind risk, and you don’t have any future.

How much loss will you have?

Suppose you don’t succeed in what you want then how must you have to pay for it? As far as I know, only your time will be wasted. What do you say? No, it’s not like that at all.

Your time will not be wasted instead of that you will definitely get something to learn.

Time is a thing that will definitely teach you in both situations, it doesn’t matter you fail or win. You will not face failure when you have experience and experience takes time.

Why you should take risks?

Life is not easy, if you want to survive here you have to do something that others are not doing. Simply most people don’t want to take risks.

They just want to live the life they have, even they want to change it in their dreams but not in the reality.

People pretend that they are happy from the outside but if you hang out with them then you will know they are just carrying a smile. They just want another chance in life to change what they have today.

If you are not taking any risk, this could be the biggest risk to not take any risk. A risk might have possibilities of success and failure, but a calculated risk is an analyzed way to do things.

People usually not take the risk because they don’t believe in themselves completely.

Their mind is full of questions that keep circulating like, can I do this? What if I couldn’t do it? Should I do it or not? And many more.

If you are a risk-taker then it is just another opportunity for you and if you are not then it’s just a risk for you.

How you can take a calculated risk in life

Life is very complicated and at the same time, it’s crystal clear. No doubt, our life is full of fears like financial conditions, not getting our dream job, losing someone, etc.

Everyone gets a second chance to correct their mistakes and sometimes that change is called risk.

If you are a good risk-taker then you might grab that opportunity and change your life.

When you take a calculated risk in life, then it is not a risk anymore, it becomes an analysis. If you feel that taking this decision will make you a good career then definitely go for it.

It is easy to make a decision, but it is very difficult to stick to them. You have to pay the price for your success, it can be your money or time. Whether you give, your time for learning or give money to learn from someone.

In short, if you want to take calculated in your 20s just start with small things like small investments. Learn a new skill by giving one hour of your day daily. These things will build up your confidence and self-belief to take risks.

Two things you can do in life


Now we know that taking a calculated risk in your 20s will change your life. If you want to pursue or start something, the 20s is the best time to do it. Take risks in life and learn from your mistakes it’s a life, after all, no one is born talented. Sometimes to succeed in life it needs sacrifices and risks which few take.

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