Effective ways to stop overthinking and negative thoughts

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We all have problems in our life, and we think about them too much. Overthinking and negative thoughts are parts of thinking, mostly when we are in tension, depression, stress, and anxiety. Negative thoughts are the most common among them.

Thinking is not an issue but overthinking is a serious problem. Overthinking is one of the reasons which will lead you to depression and anxiety. For most of us, it doesn’t matter because they haven’t faced it yet.

We all know that a clear and calm mind will have positive thoughts and a good thinking pattern. But it can only be done when you stop overthinking and avoid negative thoughts. So here are some effective ways to stop overthinking and negative thoughts from your head and to clean all the negative thinking.

Why we should stop overthinking?

Everything which is in excess in our body is somehow harmful or non-usable for us. In the same way, thinking is good for our body as well as for our mind, but overthinking will definitely block the good thoughts coming into our mind and creating more bad thoughts.

Let’s take an example, most of the scientists we know are very brilliant and intelligent. Don’t they think too much? Yes, of course, they also think too much, but their thinking is based upon reality not based on beliefs. Even they need to think more than us.

Thinking is a part of learning, you can’t learn until you think about the mistakes and errors you do in it. When you only think and don’t take action this might create an overthinking mind.

The root cause of overthinking and negative thoughts

Most of the Indians are worried about their financial condition and about their future and career. The majority of the people who come under this category are youths or mature people. Yes, most people feel that money is the cause of all problems and the cure for all problems.

This statement is not completely incorrect because in Indian majority of people are having issues with their financial status. So if they get money, they will feel all their problems are gone.

When a person or a student starts thinking about his career or future, he didn’t find any way out to fulfill his/her dreams. It is a part of human nature, everybody wants the best for themselves. But they expect too much or get attached to something very deeply.

Reasons behind Overthinking

Thinking is one of the things which separates us from animals. If we stop thinking then what’s the difference between humans and animals. In simple words overthinking is the process of thinking too much about something that is our need or desire.

Thinking about our needs and desire is good, even thinking about our goals helps us to achieve them. But most people do thinking, but they don’t know when they start following into the ocean of overthinking.

Thinking is when you are willing to change or take some decision on that thing. On the other hand, overthinking is continuously thinking about something which is based on our beliefs. There is no reality in it, assuming things in our minds.

Overthinking creates negative thoughts and negative thinking in people’s minds. So to remove those negative thoughts we need to remove those thoughts from our thinking. Basically, if we think about something which never happened to us, but we saw that happening in the movie.

We start thinking about that movie in our mind causes overthinking. If something is in reality then we can say it is thinking but some believe are there then it is overthinking.

Types of overthinking

Overthinking is nothing just thinking about something too much or continuously. The cause for overthinking is not problems, the real cause is mindset and mentality. It’s about how well or how strong you are from your mind.

1. Problem-centric thinking –

You may also know some people who always think negatively rather than thinking about the solution to their problem.Ā This is a type of thinking in which a person thinks about the problems only.

The challenges and difficulties they had faced or the opportunities they missed in the past, all these things. A problem-centric mind always blames the past or opportunities which were not given to them.

In this, the person ends up with frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness even sometimes depression too. The person criticizes himself for not getting jobs at that time or family members for not supporting him.

2. Solution centric thinking –

As you may know by name this thinking is simple and state forwarded, in which a person thinks of the solution to solve the bad condition. In this, a person also knows that he had not much support or challenges in the past but instead of wasting time on that he starts moving forward.

In this particular situation, the person is always in hope, motivated, and a futuristic mindset. He always finds his ways out and take responsibility and fight with what he had now.

Try these steps to stop overthinkingĀ 

It’s not a big problem to overthink until it drags a person to depression. So we are not going that way, we are talking about the things you can do when it feels like overthinking

Talk to someone related to this – In most cases, you will definitely find your answers to overthinking and negative thoughts after talking to someone. Talking to someone will lighten up your mind and you will feel good after that. Chances are you will not think about it that way. So try it out it really helps with overthinking and negative thoughts.

Listen to music – Music is the best medicine, which can even heal you from depression. It motivates, calms the mind to think differently. Even some doctors will also recommend you to listen to music to overcome depression and anxiety.

Go for a long walk – IIts better to walk than lying in the bed and overthinking about unusual stuff. Walking can make you mentally alert and active. It helps in blood circulation which makes your thoughts more valuable and correct.

Play with your pet – If you are an animal lover then, your chances of becoming an overthinker decrease. Because animals such as dogs pass positive vibes which helps them to stay happy or active mentally and physically. Playing with pets will make your mind fresh and happy too. There are many other benefits of playing with your pets.

Break things if feel good – You must have heard about this, but never tried it. Yes, it really works, especially when you are frustrated or any and don’t want to show your anger to anyone. You will definitely feel good after breaking some things like plates, glass bowls, or something else.


After reading these effective ways to stop overthinking and negative thoughts you will definitely get your answers. Your mind will be calm and you will think like problem solvers. Negative thoughts are just a thinking pattern of the situations you exercise.

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