Easily stick to your new year’s resolution with these 8 ways

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We try every year to stick to our new year’s resolution but it never happened. Before you make a new year’s resolution for this year just, go through this post so you can easily stick to your new year’s resolution with these 8 ways.

Every year we make promises to ourselves but we didn’t stick to them because making resolutions is not the only thing you need a plan to achieve what you want. A plan also requires determination, willpower to succeed, and aspiration for your goals.

Why stick to your resolution?

Normally there are 2 types of people who make new year’s resolutions. The first one is the types of people who are fed-up with their habits and they want to change themselves. The second type is those people who just love to make resolutions without any motive and goals.

Nowadays new year resolution has become a trend for people in social media and in real life too. But there are some people who make resolutions for themselves.

We mostly make our new year’s resolution because we want to adopt something good. Sometimes also to achieve our goals which we set for this year.

It could be any reason for having a new year resolution like, to lose weight, to become a better person, to save some money, and to be happy. It is clear that if you want to achieve your goals and aims in life you have to make resolutions.

Find Your Passion in life.

How you make a new year resolution?

Before doing anything in life we have to make decisions. Decisions could be wrong or right but it depends on our efforts who much we put in. In the end, our efforts will decide whether the decision was right or wrong.

If you had made a new year resolution then you must have thought something about it. It means you are clear about your aim, but to achieve it you have to be passionate about it. You will definitely lose interest in your resolution if it is doesn’t make you feel excited.

To accomplish anything in life you have to pay the price. The same thing applies to resolutions whether it is a new year or something else you have to work hard to achieve. Set some goals and targets for yourself like monthly targets or weekly targets. Targets that will not allow you to get distracted from your path.

8 methods to easily stick to your new year’s resolution

If you are also one of them who loves new year’s resolutions but always ends up losing hope. If you want to accomplish your goals then these 8 easy ways will help to stick to your resolution.

Attach a Vision with your goal

Attach a vision to stick to your new year's resolution

Before doing anything make your vision clear about that thing. The only thing which matters is your efforts and to make your efforts worth you must have a long-term vision in life. Look, vision is something you can say, is the planning for your future when you accomplish your goals. Or we can say that vision is the thought, of where do you see yourself in the upcoming years.

Your hard work alone will not let you anywhere if you don’t have a vision. Facebook is the largest social media site in the world today, How does it happen? Only because Mark Zukerberg had the vision to connect people all over the world with one platform.

Whatever work you do in life you cannot set a vision until you are passionate about something. If you are not passionate then you will not be able to give your best in that particular work and after some time, you will feel bored.

So before making a new year’s resolution firstly make a list of things that you are good at or feel passionate about. Then go according to the planning and roadmap. Because only knowing about your passion will not lead you to that point.

Make resolutions not choices

Resolutions making stick to your new year's resolution

If you have too many choices then it means you are in your comfort zone. It’s human nature to let go of things if not getting any result, the same happens with our goals. We just simple switch our careers if didn’t get any result and try something else and the cycle continues. And in the end, we blame our destiny and luck to be so harsh on ourselves.

Don’t give too many choices to yourself, choices will confuse your mind & thought. Focus your mind on one resolution or decision at a time. Achieve one and then go for another resolution, don’t just switch between them.

Long-term resolution for the year

Long term thinking for new year's resolution

At least take one new year’s resolution for the long term and in which you are interested. Doing something consistently for a long period will make you the master in that particular thing. Doing anything repeatedly also brings perfection to your performance.

If you set your new year’s resolution for a short period of time then you might take it lightly. You will only take it as a task, which needs to be completed. This is not the case with you only, we all have to face the same kind of issue with our resolutions and commitments.

Take Small targets 

small targets for your new year's resolution

Setting up small targets can help you to build up your confidence level. As much you will finish your small targets your willpower also increases.

Taking a big goal for a new year resolution might have fewer chances to be completed because it feels very hard in the initial stage. On the other hand, if you divide your big resolution into small parts it will look small and easy to achieve and you will definitely get success.

If you want to learn some new skill, don’t just go for the advanced level, divide this learning into parts like beginners level then intermediate and finally advanced level.

New year’s resolution is nothing but just a decision that needs small goals with planning and dedication to achieve.

Plan to implement 

Plan for your new year's resolution

To achieve any goal in life you will need a plan and that will help you in tough times to find a way out. Set your tasks according to your plan and complete each step to make it work.

We all make resolutions but most of us give up on them because we do not have planning. We just do the things that we feel but not focus on the plan that’s why we lack interest in it.

Take some time and make a plan for your new Year resolution and list the things which you want to complete in the given time period. Sometimes you will fail but it will teach you which way you should go.

Reward yourself first

Set reward for new year's resolution

Even it is a small achievement, always reward yourself first if you want to be successful in life. If you will reward yourself then it creates a positive impact in your mind that this task or resolution is improving me somehow.

One more thing, if don’t get any result with your decision you will definitely think of leaving it. Because you don’t get anything, but if you reward yourself you will work hard in the hope of achieving your desired task, even you would get anything in between.

What if someone asks you to work for hours in a day without any paycheck, will you work? Not only you nobody won’t work. In the same way, rewarding will also help you to complete your new year’s resolution and other tasks too.

Tie up with an emotional reason 

Emotional reason for new year's resolution

If your new year resolution is to some weight but you yourself don’t want to lose then it will not be going to work. Because you are not emotionally connected with your resolution and that’s why you will lose your willpower.

Your emotions can make you or just break you, it totally depends on your will. If you lack motivation each and every time then you should tie up your goals with an emotional reason to make it work.

Set Deadlines for yourself

Set deadline to new year's resolution

Making a deadline will keep you motivated and will help you to stick with your new year’s resolution. Set a time period for your goals which you want to achieve this year. Things will take time and that is why set the amount of time which is enough.

Make a deadline for everything you choose as a new year resolution like playing, reading, self-help books, and ebooks.

Final words

I hope this post on Easily stick to your new year’s resolution with these 8 ways, will help you to make your new year’s resolution more promising and effective.

There are other articles below that can help you to make your new year’s resolution and other decisions work properly and achieve your goals in life.

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