Steps to overcome inferiority complex and gain confidence

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As we grow older, we get an inferiority complex from the outer world and start losing self-confidence. This is a situation which we don’t like to share with our friends too. So how to deal with it? Are there any Steps to overcome inferiority complex and gain confidence? Stay tuned with us to get rid of from inferiority complex and gain your confidence.

The inferiority complex is not a physical barrier but a mental barrier, which is much more harmful. It is also a type of depression pf lack of pride and respect for self. Only because of your self-abasement you will end up your interests too. Everyone has faced this situation once in their life.

How to overcome inferiority complex and gain confidence again

  • Talk to yourself – Talking to yourself might look funny for others but it really helps to improve yourself. Self-talk can make you feel good and it also lightens up your mind with bad thoughts. Whenever you feel alone or self-abasement, talking will help you to overcome fear and other things too.
  • Don’t think too much – If someone says something bad to you just listen to it and forget it. Listen because it might contain some good things too and forget if you feel it bad. Thinking too much will not lead you anywhere, you will end up messing things.
  • Remember Positive things about yourself – Whenever you feel a lack of pride just remembers good things about yourself. When you got your first medal?, the last time you helped someone; How your grandparents praised you, and many more. Remembering these small things will help you to fight again the inferiority complex and you will again gain your confidence.
  • No one is perfect – If something is stuck in your mind and it makes you feel self-abasement, try to remember that no one is perfect. Everyone has a weak point and each and every person feels an inferiority complex to someone. You are not the only one here who is week, poor, fat, skinny, or black.¬† There are millions of people who succeed with what they have. They just found a way how to make their weakness their strength.
  • Spend time with people who support you – Sometimes sitting and spending time with people who support your heels. Surround yourself with good people who will always stand by your side no matter how you look or how you are.
  • Talk to someone who already had faced this – This helps you to speak about what you are going through because that person had already faced it. You might not hesitate in front of that person and feel good after taking out all the things in your mind. Only the one who had faced this understands you the most.
  • Take things positively – If your friends are making fun of you or trying to make you feel low, so don’t do anything, it will give a signal to them, and they will continue this. I know it is normal to feel an inferiority complex after all this but you only can help yourself. So try to take things positively it will affect them, and they will stop doing this to you.
  • Spend time with yourself – As much as you can help yourself no one can. Try to take out time for yourself and improve your qualities. Take some personality development and communication course, not because you need it more, but to invest your time properly. Reward yourself and take some
  • Everyone is unique in this world – The most important thing in this world is neither you are superior nor you are inferior. Everyone in this world has a unique identity and different qualities. So don’t ever feel that you are not like others, take this positively, no one can be like you because you are special.
  • Self-love – One of the best and the easiest way to overcome the inferiority complex. If you love yourself in the way that you are then none of the things will matter to you. Not only self-love will help you in that inferiority complex problem but it actually works for other things too. This is the easy way to overcome the inferiority complex and gain confidence again.

How the inferiority complex affects your personality

A person with an inferiority complex might also lose his friends, broken relationships, etc. We think it’s just thinking, what is the big deal in this. But we never know when this deep thinking changes into depression. It already had happened with a lot of people.

The inferiority complex not only affects your mind and thoughts but it also affects your physical body and personality. Especially teens don’t prefer to share things like this with their friends, so they overthink it. We know how overthinking can damage our good thoughts as well.

The reality is they don’t know how to stop overthinking and bad thoughts. This little thing that started from the inferiority complex had ended with mental disturbance. When the child is sensitive, you never know how ill he/she might be from inside. It could be because of the inferiority complex or some other things.

The most common question that parents ask is why teens or children feel an inferiority complex? The answer is pretty simple actually. We all are humans, and we all are having some special qualities. Some are rich, some are poor but happy, some are healthy, some are not so healthy. All these things children can’t understand when they are teens.

They just want the things they like, even if it worth it or not. There are a lot of things which they like during this age when chemical reactions are going on in the body. They simply compare themselves with someone else on the basis of what they see. They feel complex when they saw someone rich rider in a car or a smart-looking boy passing by their side and many more.

It is natural during this age but it can be controlled and it had been done by many youngsters out there. You can even take inspiration from your family members too. It could be your father, mother, or grandfather.

Symptoms of inferiority complex

Symptoms of inferiority complex in teens and youths

1. Low confidence – Most people are having problems with their confidence. That’s why they are not getting what they want in life. In most cases, the inferiority complex starts from this mentality of low confidence and lack of pride. Those people are actually more capable of doing things better.

2. Comparison mindset – We all compare our life and things with others, yes we all do. But few take this thing to the next level. They usually compare their lives with everyone even with their friends and relatives too.

3. Worried about other’s opinions – Some are sensitive but some are always worried about others’ opinions, and they fall into the category of inferiority complex. Those people will feel good when someone tells or appreciate them. They are more like living robots applying other emotions to them.

4. Absence of self-love – If the person doesn’t love himself then how can he love someone else. In the same way, if a person cannot look at himself proudly or confidently then how would anyone will? These types of people are definitely having an inferiority complex.

What to do when someone is suffering from an inferiority complex 

Most of the time when someone is having some problems like an inferiority complex, we just make fun of him/her. First of all, it’s not a problem it is just a temporary mentality of the person. Feeling inferior is just, when someone feels shy, socially anxious, or lake of pride and confidence. These things restrict the person from trying.

So here is a to-do list for all the readers to make the person feels better who is suffering from an inferiority complex and lack of confidence.

  1. Never prejudge anyone, what if someone is actually having a serious problem.
  2. When you feel someone is not comfortable with you let it be.
  3. Don’t critics anyone for what they have. (looks, body, color, height, weight, money, etc)

Best books for an inferiority complex

These are the most effective books for inferiority complex and also for gaining confidence and self-development. One will find all the answers related to a lack of confidence and inferiority complex. These are must books for you to develop yourself.

  1. The power of the subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  2. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peal
  3. Six attitudes for winners by Norman Vincent
  4. Unstoppable Confidence by Kent Sayre
  5. How to stop worrying & start living by Dale Carnegie


After reading these steps to overcome inferiority complex and gain confidence would help you to understand this better. These books regarding inferiority complex and confidence will also help you to build a strong personality and confidence.

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