Natural treatment for depression and anxiety

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If you are suffering from stress and searching for natural treatment for depression and anxiety, then you are in the right place.

Actually, depression is a small thought(a worry or sadness) which we ourselves had made much bigger. In the initial stage, it’s just fear about something which we made serious problem.

It was just a thought which came into our mind, and we made it a problem. So don’t you think we can also reverse this situation by ourselves? Of course, we can, and it will not include any medicaments.

Signs of depression and anxiety

1. Change in sleep model¬†– you might have noticed that most depressed people do sleep long or don’t take enough sleep as required by their body.

2. Overthinking & Negative thoughts – this could be a lack of self-esteem or when one only notices negative things himself/herself. This can lead anyone to depression ad anxiety for sure.

3. Suddenly avoiding friends, family & hobbies Рmostly when someone is not ignoring or just avoiding these things might have chances of depression and anxiety.

4. Sudden change in their appetite – When the person is skipping his meal or just overeating without any reason might have chances of anxiety.

5. Decrease in their hygiene – You have seen that most depressed people are lazy and that’s why they do not care more about their health and hygiene.

How natural methods can cure depression

A person with depression in the initial stage can be easily cured with natural methods. When suicidal thoughts or criminal activity doesn’t pop up in their mind, then the natural methods can overcome the depression without any medical help.

In the initial stage, if you put it in someone’s mind that you are depressed and you have some mental issues. The doctor will do it then he becomes a negative thought in that person’s mind, so he gradually reaches the advanced stage for automatic depression.

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3 natural treatment for depression and anxiety

One minute challenge


Anything you want to do for a minute, assuming such is a challenge. You can do anything you like such as playing, singing, dancing, eating and etc.

If you feel somehow that you will not be able to accept the challenge, then you tell someone else to challenge you something. But you have to do that for at least one minute, no matter how small or big the task.

You have to do it for 1 minute, this will increase your self-confidence and your willpower. Also, it will distract your mind from allowing negative thoughts. As you will be able to complete the challenge for 1 minute, after a few days you can increase your time from 1 minute to 2 minutes and then further as much you can.

One minute challenge will generate a feeling of self and your willpower will increase. Plus the thoughts in your mind will be calm down as long you focus on the things you were doing in the one-minute challenge.

Writing therapy


Writing is a very good way to reduce depression and negative thoughts. When you are depressed, then most of the thoughts that arise in your mind are negative thoughts, and they keep circulating in your mind and though making you overthink.

And because you are depressed, your head might have thousands of negative thoughts. If you are able to control them then the chances of getting depressed will be reduced.

One simple and effective way to reduce depression is to write whatever thoughts you have in your mind, whether it is negative or positive. You just have to note down them on any page or something as many times as they arise in your head.

As you will write down your thoughts in the paper, you will feel light after that. After that, you will have a real idea about your thoughts that “I am thinking something negative, or I am making this problem bigger”.

And when you reach the point when you feel these negative thoughts are not dominating your head anymore then what you have to do is just tear the pages on which you have written and throw them away. Don’t try to read those pages again because it will only refresh your memory and thoughts.

And along with writing negative thoughts, you have to do one more thing, you have to write positive thoughts also. Not specifically thoughts only but, you can also write about anything you like today or what you had enjoyed. When you write both of your thoughts, you will personally see the difference in your thought process.

Physical activities


In depression, people often don’t like to do any physical activity. Mostly depressed people spend their time in their bed and hates talking to someone. These people spend more time thinking about things and problems, and due to this their thought process becomes problem-oriented instead of being solution-oriented.

They feel that doing any work will only waste their time. And as you may have seen, most depressed people are lazy as compared to others. To get rid of depression you have to do physical activities. If you don’t want to do the physical activity then, it’s fine don’t force yourself. You can also do some household work, like washing dishes, grocery, cleaning the garden and etc.

The benefit of doing physical activities will be that the blood circulation in the entire organ system of your body will be better. The brain will release dopamine and the mind will have some positive thoughts about yourself.

Visual therapy


Vision therapy will very well affect your brain because any visual thing can make a great impression in your mind. If your friend or your family member is depressed, then you can show them their old photos or videos.

Visuals should be positive because they will affect more such as traveling, playing, birthday parties, trips with friends and etc. You can show them the happiest moments through photos and videos. It will affect their mind and their negative thoughts will end up.

When the person watches the videos, again and again, their negative thought will slowly move out from the head. They might don’t remember some people or incidents but you have to remind them again and again.

Final Words-

After applying this natural treatment for depression and anxiety to any depressed person will give you great results. If you like this post then there are few other articles for you down the line.

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