Master self-discipline in life with 9 easy tricks

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Whenever we heard the word ‘discipline’ an image of strict routine and hardworking pops up in our minds. We never had heard of discipline in an interesting or easy way, that’s why we have this concept. The interesting thing is that we all want to learn self-control and master self-discipline in life, but most of us don’t do it in the right way.

The reason for not being self-disciplined is our mindset and the way we are doing things. If you want to master self-discipline in life then stay tuned with us, we will tell you how to do this with 9 tricks.

What is self-discipline

In simple words, it is the ability of a person to perform his emotions and actions in a controlled way. To not indulge in wrong habits and to live with a disciplined attitude.

The ability to control your thoughts and emotions, which should not affect your life is called self-discipline. For some people, self-discipline could be a routine or timetable according to which he/she should manage their time.

Why we need to be self-disciplined in life

To achieve your goal in life you have to be consistent in your work and consistency will only come when you have control over your mind. If you can control your mind and thoughts then you are self-disciplined in your life.

Be disciplined does not mean that one is very much focused on one thing. It actually means that one has controlled his mind and there is no such thing which we call distraction. Humans cannot focus on one thing for a long time without getting distracted. The best way to focus on things is to first know your distractions and then eliminate them, you will automatically become focused.

Eliminating your distractions might take some time, but after you had eliminated them you will be self-discipline in life. We somehow know that self-discipline is the most important pillar when it comes to success. You cannot become successful in life if you are not disciplined or self-control over your thoughts and actions.

9 tricks to easily master self-discipline in life

Before going further, the 10 tricks which are mentioned below are designed in a way that you have to follow the steps consistently to master self-discipline. For at least 30 days, do them if you like them or not, it will make you disciplined.

Night & morning affirmations 

Most people know what affirmations but the majority of them don’t know the right way to use them. Our affirmations should be so powerful that they should fit into our subconscious minds permanently.

The best way to do it is, when you lie in bed for sleep at night, and in the morning when you wake up. Repeating the affirmations is a sign of a strong-mindedness and firmness.

These two-timing are the best because our subconscious mind is more alert or active during these time. Feed your mind with thoughts related to self-discipline or self-control, and you will see the change in you after some days.

List out the things you like to do today 

Every day brings new tasks as well as distraction with it, so self-control your thoughts and actions, make a list. A list is the simple way through which you can pick out the things you like to do to self-mastery things.

Firstly you have to add those things you like to do and once you have added them then go for the things which can develop you. It could be anything like reading financial books and playing physical games.

If you are the person who loves to make a timetable but unable to manage time properly, then you should make a list of things for yourself. It is the easiest way for you guys because there is no restriction for choices. You can do whatever you like as per your priority. It is simple and easier than the to-do list.

Try to learn from elders 

Our elders have more knowledge than us because they have seen more of the world than us. They have passed through our age and they themselves know how to be disciplined in life. Master is someone who has experience of anything and had good knowledge from that experience.

Spending time with elders will give you a lot of knowledge about life and its purposefulness. You can apply it and pass it to your next generation. Try to spend time with your elders at least once a week, you will get the solution of all your problems.

Read every book thrice

You should read a books thrice to gain the maximum knowledge from that book. There is a psychological reason behind it, our mind only takes 10% from a book which is read only once.

The main reason why everyone tells us to read more books is that books makes your mindset. If your mindset is strong your will power will be strong, and you will do things in a purposefulness way.

To master self-discipline you should read a book thrice to get the maximum from it. After you finish the book you already got the will power to change your future. Learn how to read books properly.

Surround yourself with self-disciplined people 

If you want to know the power of self-discipline just spend a day with the people who are disciplined in their life. Your surrounding should be disciplined if you want to be discipline in life.

The best thing about knowledge is, it increases only when you share it, good people know this already. To be successful in life it takes dedication and hard work, both can be applied if you are disciplined.

You can do hard work one or two day but if you are not disciplined you will quit it after some time.

Meditate is a way to master self-discipline

To master self-discipline in life, you should meditate regularly as it makes your mind calm and creative. Meditation also teaches self-control over many things which become a distraction in life.

At least you should do meditation for 30 minutes daily, doing meditations regularly has many benefits too. If your body is healthy then your brain is also healthy, because it has a direct impact on your brain and body. Most importantly learn how to stop overthinking about negative thoughts and start thinking positive thoughts.

Feed positive thoughts in your mind

Your brain is your source of knowledge, it’s better to put good things in your mind instead of putting bad and negative things. The kind of things that we put in our mind, the same is reflected by our body.

Firstly discipline your mind and thoughts your body will automate. It is difficult to control your thoughts at the beginning that is why chanting good thoughts is the easy way to start.

After this small task, you will be able to understand your mind’s learning pattern, and you can go further with this task differently.

Don’t push yourself to be disciplined every time

Don’t push yourself if you really want to achieve the power of self-discipline. Self- control on things can only be done when you want to do. If you do anything unwillingly then that things will not work properly for you.

To master self-disciple, you need to have calmness and self-control over your actions and thoughts. When something is not going the way you planned then don’t push hard on yourself to make it work. Just go with the flow and stay positive in every situation.

Enjoy what you are doing

self-control is not about putting restrictions on the things which make you feel good. On the other hand it also doesn’t mean to¬† stay active all the time in a relaxed or entertainment mode. You have to give time for your self-discipline training and other activities which makes you a better person.

To master or being disciplined in life you have to enjoy whatever you do with your routine. Because the things which you don’t like are the things which will make you disciplined in life.

Mohammad Ali once said:

I hated every minute of¬†training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live¬†the¬†rest of¬†your¬†life as a champion. ‘

I never like to do training, I just hated it, but this training make me stronger.

Final words:

After going through all these 9 tricks which are mentioned above, you just need to follow them with consistency and full dedication. These will show you results when applied with strong-mindedness.

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