How to Stop Procrastination: 7 Steps To Defeat Procrastinating

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I will definitely do it tomorrow, we all must have used this statement. And this is where we, slow and steadily became Procrastinators, and procrastination became our habit. We don’t find any way to stop procrastinating and laziness, so we procrastinate as much a possible.

We don’t even realize that exactly when procrastination became our habit. Just because of our laziness we delay things and even sometimes postpone as well, we become procrastinators.

When we realize the effect it has done on us it seems pretty late for us. Now we are real procrastinators who don’t know how to stop procrastinating and get rid of laziness?

Sometimes quitting something is the best thing you can do. Quitting laziness and procrastinating can help you grow in your career and future. If you are a chronic procrastinator who is willing to stop procrastination then you are at the right place. Here we have given 7 practical steps for procrastinators to overcome and stop procrastination.

How to Easily Stop Procrastinating

Adapting a new thing is really tough even it is a new habit also, so to get the best results from the steps given below on how to stop procrastination? you need to be focused.

These steps are designed to bring back your willpower and decrease your distraction level so that you can overcome procrastination easily. Follow these steps for at least 3-4 weeks to stop procrastination.

1. Don’t Set The Bar Too High

stop procrastinating

The main reason we procrastinate is that the work we start seems too big for us. It seems too big because we have had set the bar too high. Divide the same work into parts, you will find that work was a lot easier.

The first thing we all do wrong is we see our problem as something external to us. We start expecting too much from ourselves even before we start our work. And this is the reason for procrastination because when we put too much hope, then we find that work very difficult if we didn’t get any outcome.

If you start a thing, then don’t compare it with anyone or with anything, it will discourage you. Never set high expectations but never stop yourself from aiming high. You are the bar for yourself and you can set as high you wish and as lower you feel.

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2. Break Down Your Task Into Steps

Break into steps to stop procrastination

Climbing a building with a rope seems very difficult if you don’t have stairs. In the same way, starting something without breaking it into steps will be very challenging and frustrating too.

If you start a task, then break it down into steps to reach your goal even faster. The main reason for breaking it into small steps is so that the task doesn’t look so big during the journey. 90% of the people quit their New Year’s resolution in the first month because they don’t break their resolution into small and achievable steps.

We usually start something with excitement but after some time that excitement goes away when things get complicated. And then we always procrastinate and sometimes feel like quitting that thing because it looks so difficult.

Breaking the task into steps gives you even smaller tasks that are easy to complete rather than complete a big task. Start small but finish what you have started.

3. Keep Each Task Small

How to stop procrastination

It’s difficult to study a single topic for an hour rather than to study different topics for an hour. We make goals for ourselves but don’t break them into steps so the goals seem very difficult after some time and hence we procrastinate.

Keeping a task small is also a good way to stop your mind from distraction and procrastination. It will take a fraction of seconds for your mind to get distracted if the task is too lengthy.

Firstly understand your concentration power and then break the task according to that time duration. If you have a low concentration power then break the task into an hour. It could be half hour or one hour but don’t exceed more than an hour as it will cross your concentration power.

4. Increase The Value

Increase value to stop procrastination

We put our most important work aside easily because we are surrounded by distractions. Your smartphone, social media, electronics, gadgets, etc. All these have become our necessity but also our reasons for procrastination and biggest distractions too.

You can distract a person even when he is doing his/her important work by just sending him/her a WhatsApp message. A notification bell will ring and will check our phone even it is a spam message also.

We get distracted very easily because the work seems less important to us than the distraction. Increase the value of your work so that you must think once before getting distracted.

The best way to overcome procrastinating is to increase the value of your work by attaching emotions with them. If you procrastinate daily when it comes to reading books then attaching a feeling of intelligence with it, that reading this book will make you intelligent.

If you are procrastinating from exercises, then attach a feeling of fear, fear of becoming unhealthy and unfit. If you procrastinate often regarding studies then attach a feeling of failure.

These emotions will help you to boost your willpower and in the majority of the cases, human responds to their emotions and feelings. You can use your emotions in the right direction and also overcome procrastination.

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5. Parkinson’s Law

stop procrastination

Parkinson’s law explains that your brain will complete the task at the same time as you have set not before it. So it is better to kill procrastination with the help of managing your time.

If you can complete a task in few hours, weeks or days then don’t give access much time for that task. The more you will give time the more you become procrastinate.

After allocating time for a particular task, also fix some deadlines for that task because it is a reminder for you. If you take one day to complete a task then chances are you will spend that whole day completing that work. If you give yourself a deadline of 6 hours then you will definitely finish it within that time period.

It’s better to cut off the time limit for every task at least 15 minutes because the eccess time can also make you a procrastinator.

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6. Change Your Surrounding

how to stop procrastination


Your productivity and your mindset also depend upon your workplace, room, or desk. Does your workplace makes you lazy or procrastinate? If this is true then you might have to change your workplace to increase your productivity.

We all have heard that surround yourself with good people or successful people in life. This is because your surrounding plays an important role in developing your mindset.

Every environment that inspires you will definitely lose its power after some time when getting used to it. So to overcome procrastination change your workplace whenever you feel necessary.

If you have a negative surrounding you will definitely develop a negative mindset and make you a procrastinator, no matter how positive you are.

7. Write Down Your Tasks

stop procrastinating

Writing down your tasks can really break your habit of procrastinating easily within weeks. Usually when we pass things to the next hour or day, usually never completed.

Write your goals or tasks in a paper and paste it where you can see them and whenever you feel laziness or procrastinating it will remind you. In this way, you can break procrastinating from becoming your daily habit.

For better results with the writing, must write those things which add value to your personality as will also help in your growth and development.

If you write any work in the written form, then there are chances that whenever you see that written thing, you will not get procrastinated.

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Final Words for Procrastinators

If you don’t kill procrastination then it will definitely kill your dreams.  The 7 steps given in the post are only effective when you apply them with full consistency for at least ten-fifteen days to see the result. We are definitely sure that these steps will help you to stop procrastination.

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