How To Set Goals And Achieve Them In Life (3 Proven Steps)

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A goal without planning is just a dream. Goal setting is very important when it comes to achieving goals in life. Do you know how to set goals in life?

Most of us have goals in life like financial goals, personal goals, relationship goals, career goals, etc. The thing is we set goals very easily but when it comes to achieve goals, we don’t know where to start.

In that case, goal setting can be a very productive action plan for your goals. Planning is like a blueprint for your goals, if you don’t plan things you can’t achieve them in life.

If you are a beginner or willing to set goals and achieve them successfully, you are at the right place. Here we have shown proven methods that you can apply for goal setting.

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How to set goals

How to Set Your Goals

1. Schedule Your Goals

If you manage your tasks and yourself with a schedule, you can overcome procrastination. Scheduling your goals also make you a responsible person with better time management skills.

Schedule your goals includes 4 categories: Yearly goals; Quarterly goals; monthly goals; daily goals. Firstly select your goal and then divide it into 4 parts and place them in the above 4 categories.

How To Set Goals example: Suppose you have chosen a book of 12 chapters as a yearly goal. Then Divide the chapters (3+3+3+3 chapters) for your quarterly goal, 3 chapters for every 3 months. Then target 1 chapter for every month and 2-3 pages every day. You will still be left with many days for revision and practice.

2. Use Time Blocking Technique

To follow your goals with full efforts and dedication doesn’t mean to become busy in what you are doing. People nowadays think that being busy will make them look focused in front of others.

Successful people avoid being busy because busy doesn’t mean managed. Only add those tasks or works which are important to you and adds value to you as well.

Stat with a small schedule with only a few works or tasks but they all should be completed in a day or in the given time period. It also helps to put your focus and willpower on one particular task.

3. Track Your Goals

Whatever goals you want to achieve should be tracked by yourself based on your scheduling. Check how much you have done till now and compare it with how much it has to be done.

If you don’t want to track your goals then you can use applications and tools for that. There are many tools in which you have to fill your set goals column and time period.

It will remind you how much time is left to achieve the goals and how much you have achieved your goals.

Types Of Goals

  1. Time-Based Goals: These are basically short-term goals. Time-based goals are basically those for which you set deadlines or some fixed time period. It could be anything from your daily routine like office work, assignments, meetings, homework, exercises, etc.
  2. Performance-Based Goals: When you set goals, like new year’s resolution, overcome your fears, quitting bad habits, etc. All these goals are basically objective-based goals that are short-term durations.
  3. Quantitative and Qualitative Goals: These goals are for measuring your performance according to your action plan. How much % of the work is done and how much is left, and how much time it would take.
  4. Result Oriented Goals: These goals are based on long-term vision like fitness goals. Result-oriented goals are more productive because it requires consistent efforts and patience.

How to Set Personal Goals

Many things come under personal goals but here we have listed 4 major categories for which we made set goals.

  • Career Goals: We all want to become something as soon as possible, nobody wants to become rich or successful in their 40s or 50s. But to achieve career goals you have to manage them like a successful person. Make a goal-setting plan and list out things which you want to achieve after 5-10 years later, define success for you in that position.
  • Financial Goals: It is a part of career goals but people give more priority to their finances than their career. Make a plan for your finances, how much you need money to be financially free, how much you want to save, invest, and spend.
  • Personal Development goals: basically it includes overall development of yourself like qualities, habits, and skills. Set goals for the things you want to learn and develop. Set a time period for quitting a bad habit or developing a new habit.
  • Relationship Goals: Nowadays relationships goal are more trending and people do really set goals for their relation. It’s better to plan things with the person you want to stay with for a lifetime, make a plan for your present and future.

How to Achieve Goals In Life

how to set goals and achieve them

Kill Distractions

Distraction kills more dreams than failure, do you think we are surrounded by distractions?

Even the device on which you are reading this post is somehow a distraction for the majority of the people. Only a few know how to use technology without making it an addiction or distraction.

To achieve goals in life you have to kill distractions first before putting your first step forward. Make a list of things that you use on daily basis and put this thing on that list which you think are distractions for you.

Paste the list in front of your desk or table where you can see that list every time and it fits in your subconscious mind.

Attach an Emotional reason with your goal

Emotions are the only thing that makes us humans, If you have set goals and which doesn’t add emotion to you then you will definitely quit it.

Emotions can break someone and it can make someone, it depends on you how well you deal with your emotions. Sometimes emotions work as a fuel that increases willpower to achieve goals in life.

Don’t look for motivation

there is nothing like motivation when it comes to doing something. if a person is inspired from within he is sure to achieve goals in life.

People these days are looking for motivational videos and content to motivate themselves to start what they want. Doing this can surely get you started but only for a short period, and you will again search for another video.

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Learn to rest not to quit

If you set goals for yourself then you should learn to rest instead of quitting. There are a lot of situations in which we don’t know what to do and how to react or it becomes getting hard.

The only thought which comes to our mind is to quit and start something new. The most important thing you should do at that time is to stop overthinking.

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Take some time out from that environment and do whatever you like. Instead of quitting you will definitely come up with an idea to deal with the situation.

How to Start Your Goal setting

It’s not about how much you put effort but it really matters where you put effort. This law also applies to the goals setting action plan. Before you start to make a goal-setting plan you should check at least these 4 points in the goals you set for yourself.


Nothing is impossible but sometimes things don’t go according to us. Sometimes you set a goal and somehow you got stuck in something else and you forget about it.

sometimes we try things so hard but they didn’t work, so we get disappointed and we put more effort and it takes more time. Maybe it is not the right time to attain that goal.


You should do your goal setting by making a realistic action plan for yourself. That plan which you can follow for real, should not be a burden on you. If the goals setting plan is a burden on you, you should change your plan or leave that goal.


Measurable here means whether the goals your set can be tracked or not. If you don’t know how much you have completed or achieved then you will never find the easy way or the productive way to reach your goals.


Smart goals are those goals in which you have to put in your little effort to achieve because of your knowledge and experience. Before you set goals analyze your skills and your talent, whether they can be used to achieve that particular goal or not. This will make save your time and efforts too.


After applying the steps shown in the article, you will definately become master in goal setting and as well as in achieving goals. Set goals and successfully achieve them with the action plan you make and within the time period to see amazing results. Let us know how you like the article in the comments below.

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