How to Increase Willpower As Beginners (10 methods)

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Your willpower is like a muscle in your brain the more you train it, the more it will become stronger. We all wanted to know the secret that how to increase willpower? but the answer is within you.

All the great inventions and discoveries were brought to reality because of strong willpower. You know everything is possible in this world if you increase your willpower and dedicate yourself to that task.

Here we have explained deeply how to increase your willpower and the strategies which will help you to be more productive. Stay till the end and read all the methods to increase willpower and self-confidence.

What is Willpower?

Willpower is the strength to complete or finish any task without getting distracted to achieve the desired goal.

A lot of research shows that people who have strong willpower are basically are more successful. It is also proved that they are more healthy, and happier than people with weak willpower.

Increase willpower common questions

Common Willpower Questions

Here we have listed some of the most common questions regarding willpower and self-confidence.

How to gain willpower and self-confidence?

You see when there is no willpower within there is no self-control and when you are not controlled by yourself then you will not be disciplined.

When you are not disciplined then you will not be able to focus on your goals. All the things are related to each other, in order to keep balance, you have to apply each and everything to yourself.

Start with your goals set, try to focus a little bit on it, control your mind and thought from distraction and when you apply these things sooner or later your willpower will increase.

Don’t motivate yourself before starting anything, firstly take actions and your actions will motivate you to keep ongoing.

What to do if you have no willpower?

Willpower is like a muscle in our brain and works if you use it. Yes, you can say that some have strong willpower while some have weak willpower. To increase your willpower you have to start with the things at which you are good, not which you don’t know about.

Take small tasks as a challenge and you can complete them in a given time period. Daily allocate some small tasks to yourself or you can ask for some to give it to you. Do this for 3-4 weeks and you will definitely see a change in yourself.

What causes weak willpower?

The main cause of weak willpower is distractions, when you get distracted you procrastinate things and let kept going the same way. It happens when you don’t set a plan or schedule yourself.

To increase your willpower and self-confidence make a small plan but it should be realistic, it means you can do all the tasks you choose for yourself.

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How to Increase Willpower?

There are a thousand ways to increase your willpower like taking counseling from experts, watching motivational things, inspiring speeches, and many more.

But most people still unable to increase willpower even from expert advice. This is because you only can increase your willpower and you will have to find a way to increase willpower.

So I recommend you to start with those methods which are easy to follow best fits your personality type and which bring results in reality.

1. Think Big and Start Small

We always have this thought in our mind that we have to think big to achieve big. But to achieve that big in life we have to start with a small task.

Most people made their mind to achieve big in life but they still don’t know where to start from. Take a small step and dedicate yourself to it with patience. Patience will teach you how to deal with wrong situations and increase your willpower too.

2. Alternative Plan helps to increase willpower 

Sometimes we plan things and things don’t go according to us, and we get so frustrated and disappointed at the same time.

It is the point where most people give up and their willpower seems like faded. To properly deal with this situation you have a make an alternative plan which will boost your willpower.

No matter how hard you try or how good you are, you will definitely do something wrong. If you think that a situation may get worse, then plan for it in advance.

3. Understand Your Dopamine Factor

We feel good and excited because of the release of a chemical in our brain called dopamine. It releases in our brain when we achieve something or we do something good, and it makes us happy and satisfied.

Completed a task that is important for you whether you like it or not and then reward yourself in the form of releasing dopamine. Releasing dopamine without achieving anything will not increase your willpower.

4. Surround With Motivated People

“One fish can spoil the whole pond” we all knew this fact, but how many of us truly understand this?

Many of us understand this quote, in reality, don’t follow. If you want to increase your willpower you have to change your association.

Surround yourself with people who are mature, independent, successful, and positive. Willpower is a muscle and it strengthens when there are people standing by your side to help you increase your willpower.

5. Be Consistent in Your Work

Small things can make a big difference, and it is the same with the concept of willpower. No matter how much you put in your hard work today what matters is how much you are willing to put in tomorrow.

Your consistent efforts and hard work will make your willpower strong and you patient.

6. Leave and move Forward

Sometimes things went wrong and we can’t control them, the best way to deal with it is to leave it and move forward.

If one of your tasks or work doesn’t work out then don’t take stress for that leave it for now and do something.

7. Increase your willpower by Setting Your Goals 

An empty mind is a distracted mind, set your goals on paper as well as in your mind especially in your subconscious mind.

Before you make a perfect plan for yourself, remind yourself to make it easier to follow not perfect. In the end, you have to follow the steps from your plan so don’t make a difficult plan which you can’t follow.

8. Practice outside Your Comfort zone

Procrastination is the cause of your comfort zone. Until they both are connected you cannot develop strong willpower.

To increase willpower you have worked out from your comfort zone, it will also teach you patience and develop your personal skills.

9. Start Early to increase your willpower

If you afraid to fail and this thought makes your willpower weak then the best way is to start early.

Most of the time we have everything planned and well managed but the fear of losing makes our willpower weak. To overcome this fear of failing, the best thing you can do is to start early.

This is true that you will definitely fail in your journey but you have time to get back and start from your experience.

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10. Take Responsibilities

The person who takes responsibility is the person with strong willpower. To increase willpower take responsibility for yourself.

It could be anything like your travel expenses, pocket money, shopping, and anything. Which makes you responsible for that work.


Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” It means do not focus on increasing your willpower before starting a thing. Start a thing and dedicate yourself to it and your willpower will increase automatically. After going through this article you will definitely find, how to increase willpower and how to self-control.

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