5 Easy Solutions on How To Find Passion And Purpose In Life

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Follow your passion and you will become successful” We all have heard this line but nobody has taught us how to find passion in life? We all want to follow our passion but the real problem is most of us don’t know how to find passion before following it.

Think of a successful person and you will come to know that they all have followed their passion which makes them successful today. But the thing is they have found their passion that makes them happy and satisfied.

So if you also a person who is struggling to find passion in life so you are at the right place. Here we will give you the 5 easy solutions which will help you to find your passion and purpose and how to follow them in life.

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How to Find Your PassionĀ 

Before you go out in search of your passion, it should be clear in your mind what really is a passion for me? Is it the feeling of happiness or satisfaction?

The results from your work can bring you satisfaction but if you want happiness you need to love your work. Then no matter what the result will be you will always feel good to do your work.

Passion means, a very strong feeling, especially of love, hate, or anger. Actually, passion is not a positive word neither negative, it is just an impression of your efforts towards the thing.

Make a List

Making a list always works even when it is finding your passion. We all might have thought this question in our mind that how to find passion? but nothing happened.

But making a list can actually help you to find your passion and purpose in life. Take your time and write down the things you love to do without any greed or intention. Things that make you feel good and happy whenever you do them.

Things will not come easily in the beginning but try to not leave the list in between. Sometimes the first thing on the list came to be your passion and you will also realize but sometimes it takes time.

In the end, you will have many options on the list and you will find your passion within that list. But sometimes your personality type also determines your passion and purpose, If you want to know more about your personality then read the article below.

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Give It a Try

How to Find your passion

After you’re done with the list-making sometimes you will find your passion from the list itself but in most cases, you will get more confused while seeing that list.

It happens with all of us when we were given choice and we have to choose one thing. In that case, shortlist the top 5 things to which you gave priority without any help from other’s influence.

Give it a try to the things which you feel are important to you from the shortlisted and give your 100% efforts to find your passion. Sometimes what we think doesn’t happens and the least important thing can be your passion in real. So give it a try to everything even if it is least important to you.

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Find Your Emotions To Find Your Passion

how to find passion

We don’t do things that don’t have emotions attached to them, just like we feel angry because beneath anger is always fear and the causes of your sorrows are your desires.

In the same way, to find your passion in life, you have to find the emotion that brings happiness to you. The emotion which makes you feel good even in your bad times.

There is not only one emotion attached to your passion, it could be more than one. The emotions which might have more chances to bring your passion, in reality, are sadness, loneliness, happiness, and anger.

Now list out the things which perfectly fall under this category and you have more chances to find your passion among these short-listed things.

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Ask Around

If you are a teenager or young and haven’t found your passion yet then you can ask around for it. It may sound crazy but it actually can help you find your passion.

You are always surrounded by people like friends, family, and neighbors, somehow they all know your qualities and your behavior. This thing can really help you to find your passion from their advice.

All the people around you can help you to make a more productive list of things for your passion. You just need to ask them what they think about you and your qualities, potential, nature, and things in which you are good.

It could be anything like the way you talk with people, your thinking pattern, some born talent, and anything they have noticed. You just need that much information from them and work in that field only to find your passion.

Search For Your Passion

Find your passion

If there is no one who has given you valuable information regarding your talents and qualities then you can search for it by yourself. It is not so difficult but it will take some time to explore your talent and your personal development skills.

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If you will start to search for it then it might take years also, so the easy way of doing this is you can search on google or youtube. There are various people who help others with their or some common list of things which can be your passion.

There are various social media platforms through which you can take help and find your passion easily. It might be time-consuming but you will definitely get to know your passion. This step will help you if you didn’t find your passion yet with the help of the above-mentioned steps.


There is nothing else that can bring happiness to you just the way following your passion gives. I hope after going through this post you have known how to find passion and purpose in life. Some people find their passion early while some take time to find it, the thing which matters is to find your passion and purpose and follow them.

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