How to find and Follow your passion in life

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I want to ask you something very serious because it’s about you, Are you happy with what you are doing in life? answer it to yourself, you know your interest more than me. Don’t you think you need to find and follow your passion in life to define your own success?

Most of us are still confused that how we can find our passion. So if are not getting your answers regarding your passion and interests in real life, then stay tuned with us.

Before you find and follow your passion, you should be clear about your passion. what is the definition of passion for you? Is it something you like, something you are good at, a thing which excites you or just make you happy?

Some people think passion is the thing you are good at. Some think passion is the thing that doing makes you happy. We all have our own definitions, but the most important thing is we have to find it ourselves.

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How can you find and follow your passion? 

Many people are still confused and worried about their careers and the future. The main reason behind this confusion and worry is your passion. Which we haven’t found yet, and hoping to find it soon or the next attempt.

There are lots of websites and portals which offer you to find your passion in seconds. By just checking out the list of thousand activities or things, which they feel could be someone’s passion. Sorry to say but, there is no easy method which will find your passion in just a few seconds.

Yeah, it will happen suddenly but not by just checking it out on some website or page. they just give you the option to choose what feels good to your eyes.

Basically, passion is something you feel happy or excited about when you do that thing on the other hand talent is something you have inbuild or earned.

Change the source of dopamine

Most of us are already aware of dopamine, in simple words, it is a chemical released by our brain which helps us to find our excitement or motivation. It is the main source for finding your passion.

With the help of dopamine, you can find your passion in real life. But before that, you have to understand these two types of forms of dopamine. one is the consumption form and the second is the creation form.

Consumption form is something the things which release dopamine but you are becoming addicted to them. This could be watching TV late at night, unhealthy food, or something else. Creation form is those things that make you feel happy and excited and motivated about your passion, like drawing, dancing, etc.

Explore yourself to find your Passion

If you are not able to find anything which is like your passion, so take time to explore yourself. Exploring yourself will help you to find your passion in real life. You can travel or go on vacation to take some time for yourself.

You can find your passion only when you try new things if you are not getting results. While exploring yourself talk to yourself, maybe your heart can tell your passion.

Try to do those things which you already had done, it could be anything. Stop overthinking while you are exploring, sometimes overthinking does not work. It may confuse you more to find your passion.

Stop doing things you are addicted to

Stop those consumption form activities which hold you. before doing anything make sure to make a list of things which you feel I’m addicted to. While you are exploring yourself you just need to focus on not doing those things.

Consumption activities will trap you more into addiction and you will not able to find your passion. With new surroundings try new things and adapt to new habits, don’t continue bad habits.

Trying new things will calm your mind and help it to understand things you are good at. Sometimes you find your passion for those things which you don’t feel like, so accept new things in your habit.

Take Actions to find and follow your passion

If you have done all the possible steps to find your passion and you are still not able to find your passion, then do what you are doing. Sometimes doing the things which you don’t like leads you to those things which you like.

It does not matter how you find your passion but it definitely matters when you do your work properly with a full heart. You will definitely find your passion in life but before that, you have to take care of what you are doing now.

Complete your stuff whatever you are doing,  it could be playing video games, playing football, writing and speaking. If you give 100% to what you are doing (before finding your passion) then it will give you a way to find it out. Let’s clear this with real-life examples.

Real-life examples

Facebook – We all know that Mark Zuckerberg made a face mash before he finds his passion. He just made this site to compare boys and girls, but he finds his passion for connecting people. He gave 100% to what he was doing, and the result was he came to find his passion, in the form of Facebook.

Google – The founder of google, while creating their college project, did not think that this project would become the world’s largest company. They were just working on their projects and they find their passion. They even were not passionate about their website’s name, so they named it Goggle. But the investors made a check with the name of Google, and thus the name of Google came from.

Amazon – Everybody knows about Amazon and how it was started. In the initial stage, it was only an online bookstore and he himself was not passionate about it. Jeff Bezos finds his passion for e-commerce while he was doing something else. Now Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce store.

Snapdeal – Snapdeal is Indias largest e-commerce website, but it started with a deal broker website. They find a cheaper deal and tells people about it. After all this, the founder thought of making it an e-commerce website and now it is a leading e-commerce store in India. Their passion was e-commerce but they were doing deal broker work, they find their passion after all this happened.

OLA – The founder of OLA cabs never thought of making public transport easier and cheaper. Even they were working on their startup of travel and vacations. They find their passion because they were doing something.


Don asks this ever, how to find and follow your passion in life. There are many exams in the world in which action took place first and Passion later. So don’t think you don’t have any passion, you just need to find and follow your passion. Hope you like this post, let me know in the comments, and do share this with your friends.

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8 months ago

Very information articles, specially the real life examples.

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