How to change your habits without doing much effort

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We make a lot of planning, we make to-do lists, set a timetable, stick notes everywhere, but nothing works out. Soon your habit becomes your second nature.

I know after putting in your lot of effort and end up losing won’t motivate anyone to try again. So how to change your habits without doing much effort. Is there any way? Yes, you can change them without doing much.

If you want to change your habits then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find a way to change your pattern without putting in much effort. All you need to do is to stay with us till the end and apply what we had mentioned below.

You know what, most people make their new year resolutions just because they wanted to change their habits or want to break the old ones.

What habits do you want to change?

If you are reading this article then you might have any bad habits which you want to change or get rid of. Basically, habits are not developed within minutes or hours, they usually take time and that’s why changing or breaking them will also take time.

There are thousands of things which we wish to change in us, but out of those, these are the most common ones. Habits which everybody wishes to change in them are mentioned below:

  • Smoking
  • Porn Addiction
  • Eating junk food too much
  • Nail-biting
  • Excessive drinking
  • Leaving things to the last minute
  • Using smartphones in bed

There are many more but these are the most common habits which people want to change. So from here, we will be taking the above habits as examples for better clearance.

How to stop bad habits permanently

There is no way to change your habits by just practicing once, it will take time as everything takes. If you are consistent and practice these methods daily then it will change your habit. Before going further I wanted you to don’t jump out of your comfort zone immediately, it will not work and you will once again quit and continue your bad habits.

So to get the best results, make a routine for yourself and practice the methods given below to change your habits.

Change your environment

After making a decision to change your habits you need to change your environment firstly. Our environment is the main source of attraction as well as a distraction for our habits and activities.

No No… Not everything, you just need to change the environment which triggers you to perform a habit. Suppose you have a habit of watching porn and mostly you are alone in your room or at home in the evening time. Then you somehow find some hot videos and images while suffering, and it triggers your mind and you just watch porn after that.

You just need to change your environment to get rid of your bad habits. If you change the time of being online when you are surrounded by your family members, then you have to skip that thought and watch something else.

Find a reason to change your habits

Habit, whether it is a small or big one every habit has a trigger point that distracts our mind and thoughts. There is always a reason behind doing something. That reason pushes you to perform it again and again. After a while, your habit becomes so automated that you even didn’t realize when it started or happed.

There is always a reason attached to the habit, it could be anything like a place, people, emotion, smell, thoughts, any particular situation which triggers your habit. Try to find out your trigger point to change your habit pattern.

Then ask this question to yourself that why I’m into these bad habits? is it pleasure or because you are sad and lonely? A human only performs things when there is a reason behind it or he doesn’t know what to do next, that is also a kind of reason. If you are doing these practices for no reason then it might have more chances to affect your routine.

Example- If you have a habit of waking late in the morning then it has many trigger points like using social media for late nights, watching movies all night, or parting with friends.

Find out your reason and work on it. Just remember that reasons are the trigger points. If you want to change your habits then overcome your trigger points.

Increase your willpower.

Change your ‘reward’ to change your habits

We all perform when we get something in return from it, like happiness or pleasure. To feel the same emotion we repeat those actions and it becomes our habit. There is always a reward behind each of your habits and actions. Like shouting loudly release stress, biting nails releases your tension, even smoking releases endorphin in your brain and you feel good.

You just need to check which habit of yours is giving you what kind of reward and fulfilling your craving. Then replace all the rewards attached with your bad habits and find the new ones which can help you to change your habit.

So till now, we had discussed the causes for doing or performing any habit, now we have understood the cause and we have to change our habit pattern.

Replace old pattern with new 

The majority of people fail to change their habits because they just push themselves, they try to suppress their old habits. By doing this they create a gap between their thoughts and actions in our mind thus end up taking stress.

To crush any habit takes a lot of willpower and despite not wanting we again start those practices. So if you want to change your habit then don’t try to suppress it just replace it with another. Make a new pattern instead of breaking it.

Now that you have understood your reward pattern and you just have to find the best replacement for your habits.

Repeat the cycle to change your second nature

It’s the nature of human beings that anything you do repeatedly becomes your habit. To change it you have to replace a new reward with the trigger point.

Psychological methods to change your habits.

  • Start slow with whatever you do: It’s difficult to climb the last step if you just jump on to it.
  • If this does not work then what? Think for the reward which can change your habits pattern. If one doesn’t work then what else can help you.
  • Forget and focus again: we all make mistakes while changing our habits, but giving up won’t make it easier. Learn from your mistakes and apply that to the next.
  • Consistency is the key: You have to work on your habits regularly with continuous efforts to make them work.

Motivate yourself after failure.

Final Words

I hope after reading this article, How to change your habits without doing much effort, you will apply these methods to yourself and will definitely change your bad habits.

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