How to Become Productive: 7 Tips To Increase Your productivity

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Multitasking doesn’t mean productive. There are only two ways to get your work done on time, be productive and by adding more hours to your day. Practically adding more hours is not possible, so let’s find out how to become productive and increase your productivity every day.

When it comes to increasing your productivity, we need to find out firstly, whether you are a productive person or not? We all must have a person in our group who used to do hours of work in just minutes.

We often call that person a robot, but he really knows how to get things done quickly and easily, and that is called productivity. Here are The only 7 Tips To Increase Your productivity and be an effective person.

How to Become Productive

Everyone in this world wants to increase productivity, but why? Does it mean a superpower to get things done, or is it a way to impress others…. We all have our own opinions? Being a productive person doesn’t mean doing things faster than others.

Instead of doing it faster, a productive person knows how to do things done in the right way. So here are the steps that will help you to become more productive and creative with your work.

Priorities Your Work

Remember when we were learning to drive, at that time our primary focus was on the car staring, nothing else but when we get perfect at it, it became our habit. And now we are just busy eating snacks, talking to a friend, listening to music, dancing, drinking all at the same time while driving.

If you want to increase your productivity, then, you have to understand the nature of the work you do and then prioritize your work accordingly. You can get things done faster and smartly only when you understand the nature of the work.

You can only be productive at one task at a time, after you become productive in it then go for the other tasks. But for that, you must have to give your work priority in order to become more productive in it.

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Take Breaks

If you are doing something for too many hours, then chances are you might lose your productivity and creativity in that work. The human brain can’t focus on one thing for a long time, it needs some break to increase your productivity.

It’s better to take a break from your work after 40–45 minutes so that your productivity remains intact. You can go for a walk, talk to someone, play video games, read a book, scroll your Instagram, and do other things.

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Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive

We think successful people must be very busy with their schedule, attending meetings, office work, and more meetings, but it’s not true. We know this because we have all been watching since childhood that successful people are busy all day in movies or web series. Instead of making themselves busy, they know how to manage their time and energy.

As they are already highly productive and knows how to become be productive every day. They use their time only for the most important work so that they remain motivated and productive at the workplace. If you want to be productive then don’t make your schedule busy instead, make it crystal clear.

Follow Deep Work

The average human attention span is now becoming shorter and shorter. In a recent study, it was found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today (2021).

We can see the change by ourselves as well, why Instagram shorts and YouTube shorts are becoming popular nowadays. Our attention span also affects our productivity growth and creativity as well.

To increase your productivity, you must have to follow deep work. Deep work means doing something with full concentration and focus. Following deep work will increase your willpower and will make you more productive. When you are doing deep work, switch off all the notifications on your phone, turn off the TV, so that you don’t get distracted easily.

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Don’t be a Multitasker

Multitasking will help you to do things faster, but your productivity will decrease further. This is because when you do multitasking, your brain doesn’t have enough time to focus on one thing properly.

If you are using your phone while driving, then you are more likely to meet with an accident rather than driving without using your phone. In the same way, when you do two things at a time, you will not be productive with any of them.

All the successful people you will hear about are experts in only one thing and are known for that. Took one task at a time to give your mind a direction, and you will become productive.

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Manage your Time as Well as Energy

Being productive is all about time and energy management, a productive person knows how to use the least amount of time and energy to get the thing done. While others will use more time as well as energy to do the same task.

You can even ask others, in the same domain, who already had done this. You can learn from their failures and mistakes and then apply them on your own.

We waste a lot of time and energy on things which we don’t need or are not good for us. If you learn how to manage your time and energy properly, then you will definitely become productive.

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Shortlist Your Distractions

As we all have heard that “a distracted mind is an unhappy mind”. Distraction kills your dreams because it decreases your productivity.

To become productive make a list of distractions and, even it is a small one, paste the list in front of your workplace where it is clearly visible to you. It is more important to identify your weakness rather than sharpening your strengths.

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7 Tips to Increase your productivity

Here are the 7 tips to increase your productivity at the workplace, home, and in life.

Productivity Tip no.1

Start your day with the most important work. Willpower is highest during the mornings hours.

Productivity Tip no. 2

Regular exercise boosts energy flow in your body and brain, renews your focus, and multiplies your creativity and productivity.

Productivity Tip no. 3

Always train yourself out of your comfort zone, great things will never come in your comfort zone. Like, wake up early, be consistent with your work, quit bad habits, work more hours, workout daily, etc.

Productivity Tip no. 4

Don’t be afraid to set big goals in life. The bigger you aim, the bigger you get, so make a list of your dreams and paste it in front of your bed, revisit it every morning and night.

Productivity Tip no. 5

Use affirmations daily to overcome your negative thoughts and create a positive mindset.

Productivity Tip no. 6

Don’t wait for the perfect time, start with what you have and make the time perfect. There is nothing in this world know as perfect, you will never be able to get better if you don’t start with what you have.

Productivity Tip no. 7

Motivation is a myth! Don’t wait for motivation to boost your willpower and push you out to get the things done. First comes action then motivation plays its role, if no action is taken don’t expect from external factors to motivate you.

Conclusion (how to become Productive)

To become a productive person, you must have to believe in yourself, follow these steps in order to get results in life. Just like developing a new habit takes time, these steps will also take some time but will definitely show you results. Let us know, which steps you have already been following?

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