15 Tips to Control Your Anger Outbursts and Calm Down Your Anger

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Do you think it’s your anger outbursts, which is the problem? No! Anger is not a problem, but being unable to control your anger outbursts is definitely a problem.

There is no one in this world who doesn’t get angry. Anger is a part of human emotion, some people are short-tempered and some are cool-tempered. But, sometimes you don’t know how to calm down your anger.

If this is the problem then you are at the right place, my friend. We will tell you the 15 anger management tips so that you can control and calm down your anger.

What is the Reason Behind Your Anger Outburst

Basically, there is four main reason due to which we get angry and have anger issues. These are as follows:

1. Your Nature

We all are not the same, some people are strong, some people are weak. In the same way, some are short-tempered and some are calm in nature.

Usually, our nature also determines our anger and rage issues. It could be genetic or due to a change in environmental conditions.

2. Trigger Points

Sometimes your trigger point also becomes the reason for your rage. Something you like and it doesn’t happen then that point is called trigger point and it made you angry.

Trigger points also vary from a person’s nature, some don’t have many trigger points while some have a lot.

3. Tension

Most people got angry usually when they are in tension or frustrated. It is difficult to Calm down your anger issues in this situation.

If their tension can be released then their anger automatically calms down. It usually happens with students, businessmen, parents, and senior citizens, all having more anger issues.

4. Overthinking

If you can’t do anything about the situation then don’t overthink it. In order to calm down your anger issues, don’t think too much about it.

Stop overthinking and feed positive thoughts into your mind.

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15 Tips to Control Anger Outbursts and Calm Down Your Anger

All these tips, If you apply properly, you’ll get very good results in anger outbursts issues. It will also help you to calm down your anger and rage management.

1. Stop reacting with anger Outbursts

The simple and easiest way to deal with your rage is to do not react to anything.

Sometimes it happens we think we should do something, but it would be better if we don’t react. Because we are angry, things can get worse if we somehow react wrong.

If you want to control your anger outbursts then stay calm and do not react to anything in that situation. Later when your anger subsides you can discuss it.

2. Think before you speak

  • Listen to the other person
  • Control yourself not to interrupt
  • Speak after you are done listening

We must have heard this statement so much that “think before you speak”.

If you want to say something in anger, then you think firstly about it in mind and then say. Sometimes our words hurt people more than our actions.

If you think before you speak, what will be the result of this, then you can correct the situation that comes to some extent.

3. Count to 10

The only way to calm your anger is to account for 10. It may sound funny but it actually works.

This trick is especially for those who are stuck somewhere they can’t express their anger. You can try this in your office, in a meeting, or in your workplace, it will control your outburst.

4. Attach a smell to your emotion

If you are a short-temper person, then you get angry very quickly.

People who are short-tempered usually have a lot of trigger points. If you work on every trigger point then it will take a lot of time

The easiest way for short-tempered people to control their rage is when you are getting angry, you attach a smell to it.

The smell will remind you whenever you are annoyed or irritate. It won’t work initially, but it will definitely work with time.

5. Take deep breaths

Often we take a deep breath when we are angry at someone, or have a fight with someone.

But the thing is you have to take deep breaths in the initial stage when you feel the anger inside you. If you can calm down yourself at this point then you will not get angry.

Take five to ten deep breaths to relax your body and anger. It will help you to calm down your mind as well and lower your body temperature.

If you are under stress, tension, worry, or anxiety then taking deep breaths will make your mind calm and your body relax.

6. Talk to yourself

When you get angry, if you talk to yourself at that time, then your anger will reduce.

Even you can also Control your Anger Outbursts without any help from others by just talking to yourself.

You can speak permission to reduce your anger, it can be anything in itself, I am very much work, I am very happy, do not make me angry, anything Amit

7. Find your trigger points

It is important to calm down your anger outburst if you are a short-tempered person. Things might get worst if you don’t control yourself.

A trigger point cannot be the same in every human being. Some get angry over small things and some don’t.

It’s better to work on your trigger point because it can be anything. Like your family members, your friends, an incident, or some words too.

If you find out your trigger point then it becomes very easy for you to deal with rage and calm down yourself. After you find it, work on your willpower to manage and overcome your rage issues.

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8. Take a time-out and do nothing

Most people react to the situation instantly with their words. This thing makes the situation more complex after they calm down.

There are 3 ways to react in a situation, and they are; by words, by our actions, and by or by doing nothing. The easiest and effective way is to not do anything, take time out and do nothing. It will sound funny, but it really helps you to calm down from an angry outburst.

It is the best time to become a lazy person and lay down on your bed or couch and give yourself to calm down a little.

9. Go to the place where you feel relaxed

Every human being has a personal place where they feel relaxed.

It could be anywhere, like your bedroom, treehouse, terrace, garden, backyard, and pool. The place which makes you feel calm and relaxed whenever you visit there.

In most cases we all have our personal spaces but if you don’t have any yet then go to a place that is quiet and peaceful.

To control your anger outburst you need to visit your personal place. These places have emotions attached to us so usually when we visit those places our emotions change.

10. Slow your breathing & calm down Your Anger

People who are short-tempered, their breath becomes very fast when they are angry.

Amount of oxygen, then oxygen does not reach your brain properly, due to which we do not understand how we react to the question above the front.

So if you get very angry, your breath gets angry, then first, to do your work, you have to slow down your bridging.

11. Do something to distract your thought

Anger is just an emotion, like others it also can be changed if we distract our mind and thoughts. If you want to distract your mind then look around we are surrounded by distractions, like smartphones, gaming devices, sports, and many more.

Everything which shifts your focus from one thing is called distraction. If you are frustrated or irritated then do what makes you feel good or happy. You just need one thing which will help to do that. If you are depressed then do what your heart wants, it will make you feel light and relaxed.

12. Listen to music

You are angry and if you listen to beautiful music, it can make you calm down easily.

Some get motivation from music, some feel the pain in music and some get happy. Music heals every emotion and calms down your anger issues. Listing to peaceful music in anger can calm you down even faster than anything.

If you take music therapy then it will help you to change your mood, health and also reduce anger and stress. This music therapy also helps you in anger and stress management.

13. Think of a funny incident

Thinking about a funny incident will automatically change your emotions to happiness.

It may sound difficult at that very moment, but it can be done easily if you follow the 4th step. Attach a smell with your emotion. Attach a smell, and it will remind you of a funny incident while you are angry or frustrated.

I know that it is not a fast solution, but some smells can make you remind even faster. Like the perfume you use or the smell, you are familiar with on daily basis.

14. Take a break: calm down your anger issues

In order to manage your rage, you need to take a break for yourself.

If you are doing some work, while you are angry, then there are more chances that you can spoil the work. Or it may increase such anger issues.

When are you doing any work, and you are frustrated or irritated, then it’s better to leave that work side for a while and go out. You can do anything which makes you happy or excites you like playing video games, watching some movies, eating junk food.

15. Visualize possible outcomes from Your anger Outbursts

Before you say anything or do anything in anger, be sure to think about what the result will be.

If you know what is going to happen because of your anger, then you will definitely wish to correct that.

In the same way, if something bad happens because of your anger, will you still get angry? Definitely No!

So it’s better to visualize the current stage and think before you do anything in anger. This thought of visualizing possible outcomes will not come in the starting but if you calm down yourself then it will definitely arise.

Bonus Tip

Do not overthink about anything at the time when you are angry to calm down your anger issues. If you want to reduce rage then don’t overthink about it. It will block positive thoughts as well.

Most people outburst in anger because of overthinking. Overthinking will only increase tension and frustration. To Control your Anger Outbursts, drop every kind of thought from your mind and help yourself to calm down first.

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Final Words

If you follow these 15 Tips to Control your Anger Outbursts and Calm Down Your Anger we have mentioned above. Then you will get a lot of help in reducing your anger and calm down your anger issues during the high temper.

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