Bad habits during teenage | Avoid bad habits for your own good

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During teenage, we don’t know what is right and what is wrong. So how can you avoid bad habits during teenage for your own good? Bad habits are likely to develop in us during this stage.

Teenage is so complicated and simplified at the same moment. We can do whatever we want but we are bounded by our parent’s care and rules. So try to avoid bad habits for your own good.

We start doing things in the teenage and what we do become our habit. Most teenagers got attracted by others and they also start doing things like them. Teenage is the age when you are not young and at the same time, you are not childish too.

Here the problem begins, teenage children themselves get confused about several things. They think they are mature enough to do things and parents think they are not.

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Avoid these 10 bad habits during teenage for your own good

  1. Don’t say yes to everything – Not everything offered to you might be good for you or your health. During the teenage, we think if someone is offering us somethings then he is our friend. Try to avoid making contact with an unknown person.
  2. Don’t set your role model, you will lose your own identityWe feel complex during this age because we set our role model and starts comparing ourselves with them. We even need to focus on ourselves during our teenage.
  3. Don’t depend too much on someone emotionally – We are weak during our teenage regarding emotions and feelings. So when we got attached to someone emotionally it’s very hard to forget them. Try to make less emotional relations during teenage.
  4. Stop avoid saying lies – Here we are, we are teenagers and we start saying lie from this stage. Sometimes saying a lie can be good but a telling lie can make you a bad person by heart.
  5. Avoid masturbation – We all are aware of chemicals changes but teenagers don’t. So try to listen to what parents or relatives say. We all have physical needs but doing this can become a bad habit during teenage or might last longer.
  6. Say no to junk food – Our food also defines what we are. Avoid eating junk food when you are a teen because you might be addicted to it. Mostly eating funk food becomes your bad habit during teenage.
  7. Do not pop pimples – Our body faces many changes during teenage, one such is pimples and acne. Everybody hates pimples and acne and most teenagers because feel complex after acne and pimples on their face.
  8. Treat your body with quality – In this stage, we don’t care for our body and skin. We apply whatever we found attractive to us. It’s a bad habit of not caring for yourself, it might end up losing your identity after the teenager. When you make someone your role model just because they are good-looking and attractive.
  9. Don’t waste your time – Teenage is all about parties, movies, and vacations. Teenagers don’t give time to themselves, it’s a bad habit to waste their time and pass it to the next day. Most teenage children waste the time by just roaming around.
  10. Don’t overthink about a career – Some teenagers also face problems such as stress and anxiety. The reason is simple they think too much about their career and future. It’s normal during teenage when students face depression because of their careers. There is no need to overthink their career during teenage.
  11. Stop making excuses for small things – Most of us still make excuses for small things. this habit starts with our teenage, we thought that if we make an excuse then we don’t have it deal with this. So here we start making excuses and we still take this habit with us. Avoid doing this in your teenage and you will become responsible one day.

How bad habits affect teenage

Most teenage habits affect their rest of life. The reason behind this is, the habits which teenage students will adapt will last with them during their youth age also. They themselves will not notice when these bad habits of teenagers became addict to them.

It’s easy to adopt habits but identifying the habit is the most difficult task during teenage. When a teenager cross 20’s, after then he or she realizes that those habits were the reason for her downfall.

Your habits are the only shortcut for your success. It’s on you now whether you want to adopt bad habits today or want to see yourself being unsuccessful in the future.

If you adopt good habits during your teenage then it will help you. If you adopt bad habits during your teenage it will make your family suffer too.

It’s not a big deal to have bad habits as teenagers, everyone does even our parents would also have. Sometimes it’s good to quit, it could be your bad habits. quitting doesn’t mean losing all the time, sometimes it is self-care.

How to get rid of bad habits

Do you really want to get rid of bad habits during your teenage? Most teenagers will say yes but only a few succeed. Habits can easily be changed but no with bad habits, bad habits are like an addict.

So treat these bad habits from the root, Why do you think we fall with bad habits during teenage? Yes, because we are free and we feel like we are growing and that’s why we try new things.

Regular exercises – Exercise is the best and easy way you can get rid of teenage bad habits. Doing regular exercise will also motivate you to not indulge in other unhealthy activities. Exercise will also make your personality attractive.

Meditation – If you can master your mind during your teenage, then you can achieve your desire goals easily. Meditating early in the morning will help you in keeping your mind calm and positive.

To-Do List for the day – Keep yourself busy to get rid of teenage bad habits. Make a list of tasks you want to do and complete them according to your priority. Remember you must finish them all till the day is over. If you keep yourself busy with what you like will also help you to get rid of bad habits.


We know that Bad habits during teenage are natural but you should avoid bad habits for your own good. There are various ways through which you can overcome bad habits. Remember what you had learned and apply it to yourself first then teach others. if you like this article, let me know in the comments, and do share this with your friends to help them.

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