7+ Powerful Time Management Skills And Tips You Need

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The most interesting thing about time is you can’t waste the time you don’t have. Time management skills are easy to learn but hard to apply.

So here we have given 7+ time management tips and skills which will help you to apply them easily in your schedule. The only thing you need to do is to manage your time now.

Time management is the process or planning of managing your work and things in a given time. All we all have heard that “time is money” so to earn money you have to learn management skills.

Below we have given 7+ time management skills and tips which are enough if you follow them consistently.

Time Management Skills

The most successful people in the world know that time can be easily managed if you have the skills. That’s why they have made the perfect use of their time.

The skills mentioned below are must skills before you plan your time. To manage your time according to yourself you have to learn these skills.

  • Clear your Mind– Before making a schedule for yourself you have to clear your mind. It means you have to control yourself mentally and physically from distractions. Empty other thoughts before starting a task or work.
  • Deep Work– After you clear your mind then comes the deep work, focus on one thing at a time. Stop multitasking to make it easier to complete. Finish one task at a time and then move on to another to master it.
  • Creativity– Creativity plays an important role in time management and planning. You have to identify your thinking pattern and concentration level. Understand your skills which helps you to calm your mind and thoughts.
  • Goal Planning– The last but the most effective to master time management skills. If you start without any goal then you will not able to master the deep work principle. Plan your goals, everyday goals, and monthly goals to become productive in your work.

Time Management Tips

WRP Rule (Work, Rest, Play)

AS the rule indicates that you can manage your time by arranging them into 3 categories that is work, rest, and play.

Time management skills help you to identify when to take a rest and when to be productive in your work.

Your working hours should be between 5-6 hours a day but that should be planned and managed. Whatever work you do take out the time to rest your body and mind.

Playing is important for time management because it makes your mind sharp and productive.

To make yourself productive you should play physical sports or indoor games like chess. These sports will increase your time management skills more planning skills too.

Prioritize your work

After you decide the working hours you should arrange the work according to your interest. The most important thing first and so on, you should also know the importance of the work.

Whether you like the work or not, if it is important, you should give it a priority. If you are consistent in your work it will become your habit and you don’t have to plan for it.

Busy does not mean time management

People think that the people who are successful or wealthy are so busy all day. It’s not completely true because they manage their time properly.

Successful people are not busy most of the time, it’s that they are more productive with the time they have.

They have developed their time management skills so much, that they manage their professional and personal lives properly.

Apply Parkinson’s law: Best time management tip

More Time = Fewer Efforts

Less Time = More EffortsĀ 

I hope the above example had helped you to understand the law. Time management is all about putting things in the right order to make get the best out of them.

If you give more time to a small task which should not be given then you will become lazy to finish it. In fact, that task should be done before time. So you can buy some time to finish your big tasks.

The best and the effective way to manage your time is to set a deadline for each of your work. And try to finish them within the time period, so if something goes wrong you can adjust with your schedule.

Focus on WORK, not on the GOAL

When we have a schedule or a timetable which we need to follow then sometimes we get frustrated or tired of following it. So to overcome that thought and laziness, you should learn to take a rest.

Sometimes you can’t manage your time as you planned and it affects your work too. In this situation you should not focus on the goal you had in your mind, just put your efforts in the work which you are doing without thinking about the goals and outcomes.

If you are consistent in your work and manages your time properly then you will definitely see results but if you only focus on the goals the small failures will affect you the most.

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Wake up early

The most effective and the most productive hour of the day are the early hours. There is less noise and most people are asleep so you can focus on your work more.

If you take any successful person he/she wakes up early because they know that our willpower is more effective in early morning hours.

The other benefit of waking up early is you don’t have to face distractions like phone notifications, friends, any other noise. You can complete your most important work then you can make the time you have more productive.

Kill Distractions

The most common thing which forces us to waste our time is distractions. A distracted mind is not a healthy mind, to make it healthy you have to manage your time.

Distraction could be anything like your smartphone notifications, phone calls, family members, friends and etc.

Before you start your day with your work make a list of things that you feel are distractions to you. Paste the list in front of your desk and focus on your work.

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Don’t make a to-do-list

We always have learned to make a to-do list for ourselves, but never focus on the work which we wrote in the list. In most cases, people just want to finish the work they had put on that list like a deadline.

Instead of making a to-do list make a success list and include those thighs which are important in your growth and development.

Sometimes we mess things and we add a lot of things when we feel are important to us. Don’t be a multi-tasker, analyze your interest and the importance of the work then add it to the list.

time management tips

Time management benefits

  • You can learn new skills in your free time.
  • Your mental and physical health stays well.
  • Time management skills make you more productive in your work.
  • You develop habits when you manage your time properly.
  • Time management skills help to develop your personality.

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Time management tips of students

  1. Start your day early with exercise.
  2. Plan your daily schedule and study schedule too.
  3. Make a list of things included in your study session like revision, assignments, projects & practicals.
  4. Take some time for playing physical sports.
  5. Learn a new skill in your spare time.

Final Words

When you start putting your tasks in their prioritized order your time management skills will improve. Plan your time wisely otherwise your plans will not work on time.

Use the above time management tips and skills for few weeks and see if they help you. You may be surprised just how much more time you seem to have

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